eSIM technology

1 May 2021

Dear friends!

New useful technologies come into our world almost daily. As recently as 40 years ago, all telephones were landlines. During that time, communication has evolved in giant leaps and bounds. Radiotelephones, cell phones, satellite phones... Now the phone serves as an assistant, a bank, a computer, paying for purchases, ordering a cab, watching videos...

Three years ago, a new chip, a small chip called eSIM (embedded/added SIM) appeared in Apple and Google phones. The presence of an eSIM makes the usual plastic SIM useless. Connect an operator, change the operator, change the phone number, connect five different numbers from five different operators at once. You can do it all with eSIM in your phone without going to the sales office, being anywhere in the world, at home on the sofa, in the subway or on the beach at the seaside. 

There are more than 50 popular phone models in the world that support the eSIM technology, and the total number of such gadgets sold is estimated at hundreds of millions.  Maybe your phone has a built-in eSIM, too.

And behind new useful technologies come new opportunities. The average tourist spends €70-100 for communications abroad during a two-week vacation, and a family of four at a foreign resort can spend up to €500 on calls, internet, social networks... Telwel is going to fight against expensive international roaming. Building on modern eSIM technology, telwel offers all travelers to save on roaming 5-10 times!!! 

Choose a suitable tariff plan and start using it immediately, without going to the office - this is what we offer all tourists from all over the world.  We are launching in autumn!

Telwel - rest is for you, communication is for us!