We entered marketplaces

8 November 2021

Telwel Internet packages for your eSIM gadgets can now be bought at Ozon.ru, VK.com, AliExpress.ru. We began to cooperate with leading Internet platforms and marketplaces that sell activation codes for travel Telwel packages "Traffic, Internet Calls, Messengers".

Activation codes are very convenient and here's why.

Firstly, they can be presented to your friends and relatives who are going on a trip abroad.

Secondly, it is safe if you activate the package upon arrival in the host country, for example, at the airport. You don't have to enter card details for payment - on the main page of telwel.io, just activate the code and install a digital SIM card in a couple of minutes.

Thirdly, it is fast - you are in touch with your loved ones.