How Telwel is set up

15 June 2021

Buying and waiting for a travel SIM card, hoping for free wifi in the hotel lobby, choosing international roaming options from your operator - it's not about us! We offer data packages and internet calls at prices close to local operators. You do not need to look for a sales office in a foreign country, to communicate in English, Chinese or Arabic and to conclude a contract with an operator with your passport.

At Telwel everything is simple. Go to, choose the country you want to travel to and the tariff you want, and pay straight away. That's it! You can start using it straight away. The tariff is automatically activated in the host country.  No fees, no bills when you get home.

A side note! If you are using it for the first time, you can take the most budget plan for tests. If you only need WhatsApp calls, this might be enough for your entire two-week vacation. Rate plans start at 4 euros for 30 days!

And, of course, be sure to use a phone that supports eSIM.